Posted 15/09/2021

A bathroom mirror elevates and enhances the overall look of the bath space. From minimal oval–shaped mirrors to the classy fuss-free rectangular designs, these are both functional and captivating. Hence, it becomes extremely important to choose a mirror that complements the vibe of your bathroom décor. Here are three mirror décor ideas that you can try according to your need and choice.

Black Matte Kohler Bathroom Washbasin

Astatement wall with no mirror

Who said you have to follow the trail of others? At times going completely off the track is refreshing. Instead of installing a mirror above the bathroom basin or vanity area, go for a clean look. Create a statement wall in a vibrant color and leave the mirrors for the sidewall, dressing area, or bedroom. Make your mirror-less bathroom more appealing by adding your vanity under a window overlooking the view from your home. This will make your bath space look expansive with lots of natural light oozing freshness.

Small oval mirror with Kohler Bathroom washbasin

Small is Serene

Elegance lies in small details. Adding a small oval Kohler mirror instantly uplifts the ambience of your bathroom. It adds character to the space owing to its sweet & small look while leaving unseeable space above the vanity that you can use for a towel hook. Stylish yet sophisticated. Another benefit of having a small mirror that doesn’t cover a large space and sits on the washing basin counter is a clear wall that can be used to hang photo frames or for a quirky artwork.

Two round mirror with Kohler bathroom sink and Toilet

Big is Minimal

We bet it is. Large mirrors that take up most of the wall space above the basin or vanity area alone elevate the entire look and feel of the bathroom. Kohler offers a range of round, square, oval, or rectangular mirrors that liven up your monotone spaces and make them appear more spacious than they actually are.

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