Redo your bathroom with Kohler

A beautiful home is always incomplete without a neat, presentable and luxurious bathroom. Just a simple set of new models and fittings can change the look of your bathroom, even if they don't guarantee comfort. Kohler’s products are known for their comfort combined with elegance.

Started in the year 1873, Kohler is one of the oldest Hospitality brands that focuses on innovative inventions. Kohler started its business with the plumbing products and till date it is best known for its plumbing products. At Kohler, the products are designed with the best designs and efficiency. The products not only satisfy the basic amenities but also bring out the best of your homes.

From Kohler showers to Kohler toilet seats, each product will light up your bathroom. Kohler has a variety of toilet seats across different price ranges.

Explore luxury with Kohler’s intelligent toilets

Why not have the best smart toilets when all our gadgets are of the best technology? Technology serves to make people's lives easier. This is the intent behind the Kohler’s Veil Intelligent one piece toilet. Do away with the old with old fittings and opt for a more tech friendly advanced look. Kohler Veil Toilet has a sleek design and it is combined with features like an integrated bidet, dual flush technology and it also has a self-cleaning function which makes your life easier! It also allows for hand-free opening and closing. It has an LED nightlight and an adjustable water temperature function too.

Apart from fixed one toilet seats, Kohler bidet seats are flexible and can be placed on existing toilet seats.

Explore luxury with Kohler’s intelligent toilets

Privacy and Partnership with Kohler’s His and Hers Toilets

Keep the spark alive in your marriage with separate his and hers toilet seats. Kohler’s separate toilet seats are not only good for people’s personal hygiene but also a new trend setter which makes one’s bathroom more presentable.

Kohler's toilet seats are easier to maintain and have bidets with dual nozzles. For a couple, Kohler’s urinals and toilet seats are recommended which suit the needs of both man and woman. Kohler promises best-technology of today’s time. The self-cleaning feature of the toilet contributes in making these products best-sellers. The self-cleaning option makes it easier for people to stop worrying about the problem of dirty toilets when they have guests over.

Privacy and Partnership with Kohler’s His and Hers Toilets

Kohler’s Patio touchless urinal comes with a powerful flush and an integrated sensor for added hygiene. Kohler, being an environment friendly brand, focuses on creating products which make the Earth a better place to live. Given the wastage of water in the urinals, The Patio urinal promises to save 67 percent more water than regular urinals. This is matched with the Kohler’s Replay Wall-Hung toilet. Replay wall hung toilets are designed by combining complementary principles of elegance and warmth. crisp lines and sleek curves come together harmoniously to give your bathroom a unique look.

Go with the modern technology and trends of the future and upgrade your bathroom with Kohler’s bathroom products.