Kohler Bidet Seats Are Prolific, You Can Easily Find The Best Bidet

Kohler is one of the most trusted names in bathroom fixtures and home improvement products. As an established brand, you can be assured that each product is made from durable materials that are guaranteed to last for many years. And now, they have been upgrading their toilet seats for sale for additional assurance to the public.

Have you ever thought about how many times your hands touch the toilet seat? Many people are unaware that the toilet seat is a hub of bacteria and germs, and in fact, your toilet can be dirtier than a phone or a desk at work. If you use toilet paper, the bacteria may cling to its surface and lead to infections. And thus, Kohler is trying to make people aware of the health benefits that a bidet toilet seat can provide.

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Don't wipe, wash

People are flushing with success as they happily wipe, thinking they're clean. They don't realize all the germs they spread along the way. Unlike many of us think, washing your body does not mean more germs spread and cause you to be dirty, and it means less. If you use only toilet paper, it may leave the faecal traces behind, and they are not so friendly. So before you wipe, wash by using the bidet toilet seats. And Kohler provides the best toilet seats for sale on the market. Moreover, you can still use the wipes after washing.

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Washing the perineum area with a Kohler bidet seat is safer than wiping. Why? Well, wiping can cause irritation or redness over the skin, leading to itching or even some major problems that have to be treated with surgery.

Bidets keep you clean and are more hygienic.

Let’s accept that wash is much more hygienic than just wiping. Kohler has just taken the benefits of a standard bidet toilet seat and amplified it with so many new features.

The new Kohler pure clean bidet seat C3® series is the modern way of cleaning. With the Kohler C3® series, you get:

1. Touchscreen Remote

Kohler Touchscreen Remote

Gone are the days when you have to touch the faucet to wash with front and rear end cleaning. With the Kohler bidet seat, you can use the touchscreen remote that comes with the bidet to clean. The bidet provides you with two present modes of cleaning, where you can adjust the settings of the bidet toilet seat according to your needs.

2. Warm Water

Kohler bidet seats come with the feature of regulating the temperature of the water. In winters, it is super difficult to clean with cold water. Kohler is trying to implement such innovative ideas in their bidet toilet seat, you can clean with warm water now.

3. Heated Seat

If you live in a cold country, then you have to look over the Kohler bidet seat C3® series. The toilet seats are not cold anymore. You can adjust the temperature of the bidets now.  With such innovative bidet toilet seats by Kohler, you will surely have a more hygienic and warm experience.

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4. Nightlight

This is something that many people have faced where the toilet is not visible because of the lack of light. The nightlight feature is now being implemented in most of the bidets. But, what Kohler is doing differently is trying to implement the UV light with their toilet seats for sale. This will ensure rigid protection from germs and bacteria. Now, the bidets are even cleaner than before.

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5. Warm Air-Dry

Now, you can say bye-bye to the toilet rolls. With Kohler, you can now air dry after proper washing and cleaning. The process of cleaning can be completed in much less water as well. And, with the feature of warm air drying, you will not have to use toilet paper anymore. If you want to know more about the toilet seats for sale, head to their website.

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Takeaway: Save money, save water and rinse well

It feels nice to sit on a squeaky clean bidet, right? Clean from all those diseases causing germs and bacteria, and n number of viruses. And so, many people don’t use the bidet because of the fear of catching an infection. Kohler is trying to avoid that by giving you and the others a chance you can use the toilet for a long time without any infection. This is the mission of Kohler.

With Kohler bidet seat, break the rational thinking of using just the toilet paper. Indeed, we have to save water, but we have to save the trees. And guess what, water can be recycled and treated for the purposes of reuse, but not paper. So, Kohler has been taking the initiative to provide the best hygienic cleaning method with their new toilet bidets series C3®.