Every dream bathroom must reflect the personality and style of its owner. Traditionally, Bathrooms involved the use of neutral colors, simple accessories and design elements but that concept is passé now. It is the time to be bolder and make your statement in designing the bathroom. Kohler and its new accessories and designs help you to go for unconventional finishes, stylized fixtures and personalised aesthetic.


Choose Kohler Bold Colors

When it comes to bathroom colors, people always play it safe by choosing white, black or a combination of them. There is no doubt that these colors have remained enduringly beautiful and classy but this is the perfect time to let go of them to design your personalized space. Don’t hesitate from using bolder colors and textures as your bathroom must be a reflection of your own style. Play around with colors like Blue, Purple or Bronze and complement them with diverse Kohler accessories to get the best aesthetics.

Kohler Bold Colors

Choose a stylish basin

Basin is the center-piece of every bathroom and hence very important for small upgrades or even total remodels. A very distinctive piece can be Kohler’s Marrakesh Basin which features a beautiful floral pattern. It represents the old traditional designs with intricate and abstract patterns. Its circular Moroccan design and elegant blue and white shades will complement every bathroom. There can be no better style statement than this gem of a basin.

Add a free-standing bath

There is nothing more imperial than a free-standing bath in your bathroom. If you don’t want to go overboard but still want to change the overall aura of your bathing space, then add a free-standing bath. It will provide a beautiful vintage look which will complement the modern style of your bathroom and help you express your true style.

free-standing bath

Go for elegant Faucets

Changing the faucets is one the easiest ways to transform the look of your bathroom. Kohler Purist Faucetis one of the most beautiful faucets which can completely change the look of your bathroom. It has a straight lever handle in matte black; it is made from solid brass. It not only suits the aesthetic but at the same time it is also highly functional. If paired with a glass or white basin, it creates a distinguished combination. Don’t be afraid to try other finishes like smooth chrome or matte finishes.

Kohler believes that the bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in our lives and hence each corner, every fitting, every color and texture must reflect our own style. Therefore, don’t be afraid of breaking the traditional barriers in search of your own style. Be tasteful! Be Bold!

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