Glam up your Powder Room

White Bathroom products with golden colour faucet

Your guest bathroom may be the smallest space in your house but it doesn’t necessarily have to look tiny. You can use these three tips to make your petite powder rooms look more spacious and fuller:

bathroom interior with Kohler smart products

Add a Window and Use some lighting

Plentiful natural light has this wonderful ability to make every space appear airier and more spacious. Therefore, the easiest way to make your powder room feel larger is to add a window. However, if a window cannot be added then go for a backlit faux window. Create a window frame with textured glass and add a white light behind it and it will feel like fresh sunlight. You can be even more creative with the lighting if you add dimmers and light modes to mimic the perfect timing of the day. If there is a room besides the powder room where Natural Light is available, then all you have to do is to add a window high in the wall to steal the light from that room. You can cleverly place the window in a way that privacy of both rooms is maintained. You may also add an opaque glass. This will do the trick and your Powder Room will look spacious and feel ventilated.

wall mounted toilet

Don’t leave any Corner Untouched

Since the space is small, you need to utilize every corner to its fullest to make the most of the bathroom. You can add a pedestal or go for a wall mounted basin to save some space. Further you can add wall mounted cabinets to store your stuff. Add a small vanity and go for floating shelves to store supplies. You can add some more small accessories like an indoor potted plant or some artworks here and there. Now you would have a bathroom that is not only functional but also beautiful and stylish.

Bathroom glass sink with lighted mirror

Use the End Wall

If the room is rectangular and you want to get a perception of depth, then you can keep all the fittings and fixtures like washbasin and WC on the end wall. It makes the room look larger and deep. You can always have a window and let some natural light flush up the room to further enhance the sense of space. Adding a window is always the easiest way to make the most of the bathroom without crowding it too much.

Bathroom blue theme interior

Don’t be afraid to go Bold

It doesn’t matter whether your room is spacious or small, a bit of experimentation with patterns and colours can never go wrong. Go for darker colour and incorporate some artworks, a chandelier or other design elements. You can also try some wall papers or go for an accent wall. The idea is that don’t be afraid to experiment even if the area is smaller than usual because then you can truly use your creativity and utilize the full potential of the space.

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