Make Your Children Love the Bathroom with Kohler’s Pure clean Bidet Seat

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat -Kohler Africa

It is the constant love and care of the parents which make one’s childhood safe and memorable. It doesn’t matter whether parents are busy due to work or anything else; it always remains their priority to better the lives of their children. Concern for their children is always prioritised while making all decisions, investments and choices. Kohler understands this concern and designs its products in a manner that they are safe and easy to be used even by the kids of the house.

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat is a step ahead in this direction as its revolutionarily simple design makes it effortless to use. This simplicity enables everyone including children to use the toilet comfortably. It also inculcates the good habit of using the toilet independently in children. Like all Kohler accessories, this bidet toilet seat is also easy to install. Its thoughtful and innovative design allows it to get fixed on your current toilet thereby making it an instant wellness solution. There is no hidden hassle once you install it.

Pureclean Bidet Seat -Kohler Africa

(Caption: Harpreet Suri and her daughter representing how simple it is to use this seat for Children)

Following list of Bidet toilet seat features demonstrate its adjustable and easy-to-use design which makes it easy for children to use it without any supervision:

  • Single Wand provides both front and rear cleansing making it a useful product for children.
  • Water Spray Position and Pressure can easily be changed to suit personal requirements.
  • It features a self-cleaning nozzle which cleans itself after every use.
  • Safe-shieldTM features powerful nano-silver ions which protects against most of the harmful bacteria. As children are more sensitive to bacteria like E Coli, therefore this technology is a life-saver.
  • It has a manually operated handle and there is no involvement of electricity or cells.
  • Quiet-Close™ technology makes the lid close slowly without slamming. This will protect the children from accidentally getting their fingers stuck and hurt.
  • Quick-Attach® hardware helps in fast and secure installation.

It is very easy to install and remove and hence a first choice for those who live in rental homes or those who have to move around a lot.

It is designed to ensure freshness, cleanliness, comfort and versatility which make it a complete package especially for the homes with children. Kohler is very sensitive to the sanitation and cleanliness and hence you can be assured that this bidet seat takes care of it. Along the way, it also helps the children to be more independent in life.

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