Posted 12/01/2021

Bathrooms are personal spaces where you unwind all your emotions, be it vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, or pride, it’s that one place where you feel the most comfortable and in touch with yourself. This space helps us relax, and rediscover ourselves and prepare to face the world.

However, did you wonder why you never feel like a stranger in your bathroom? Well, we have an answer for that. Intentionally or unintentionally, our bathroom reflects our personality. Right from the colors, artwork, and design to the range of toiletries and sanitary ware, our bath space matches our personality in unique ways.

Intrigued? Let’s find out how that works!

The Extrovert

This person can often do the unexpected. They make bold impactful statements through their choices. Be it some unique and complex sanitary ware items or a strong, unconventional hue and pattern on the walls, they always think out of the box. With their profound individuality, they are committed to taking more creative risks. The ideal fit for this kind of person is the Dutch master from Kohler.

The Introvert

For this person, minimalism is the ideal way of life. They wash away the idea of any over-the-top patterns, designs or textures, and go for neat interiors. The person expresses through well-ordered manifestations in materials, patterns, and choice of colors which are controlled in esthetics. Mica, having Porcelain-like thinness or Reve that symbolizes a minimal form can be explored to exude utmost elegance and is the perfect match for the personality.

The Artist

This person has a flair for theatrics. For them, adding a little drama to their bathroom is of utmost relevance. They ensure to make ample room for some brilliant artwork along with some personal design touches. And yes, we can also easily spot an antique item representing history in their deluxe bath space. The person should check the Artist Editions by Kohler to give their bathroom the right balance of artistry and craftsmanship.

The Explorer

This person is a traveler. They love to discover places and explore new cultures.Quite obviously, their bathroom is an impeccable mix of a nautical or voyage-dominant theme and wooden interiors since the latter is most commonly seen in hotel bathrooms when traveling. If they enjoy camping, trekking, and hiking trips, chances are they will opt for a rustic-themed bathroom. Options like brick-shower cubicles and wooden cabinets fit perfectly to match their personality. Interestingly, we can easily find one or more treasured pieces likeMarrakesh or Kamala in a bathroom.

The Nature Lover

They always go with a green theme for their plush bathroom. They have the heart of a gardener and enjoy reaping the benefits of living in the lap of nature every day, and thus, a tiny makeshift rock garden or a miniature waterfall, or even an opulent personal rainforest can easily be spotted in their bathroom. The Kohler showerhead and faucet will be the perfect fit for their personality.