Posted 12/01/2021

Be it smart bathrooms, cleansing seats, or hassle-free kitchen spaces, wellbeing are at the heart of everything Kohler does. The Dimensions of Wellbeing by Kohler are an extension of this sensibility and explore the connection between physical spaces and personal wellbeing. It correlates the design, tones, and dimensions of a physical space to the feeling it evokes, and the impact it has on one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Cleanliness and hygiene have been at the core of Kohler's ethos. They combine the best of form and function in all their products to offer ultimate hygiene and superior cleanliness.Adept architects and designers from around the world design clean, perfect spaces and products that promote optimal wellbeing in all spheres of life.

Kohler believes that the bathroom is a hub for wellbeing, a personal haven set apart from the rest of the world. It's a place where one takes care of themselves and retreats into some privacy, disconnected from the surroundings. The common misconception that bathrooms are just task-oriented is long broken and bathrooms have evolved into living spaces that nurture wellness.

Intelligent Toilets

Kohler intelligent toiletselevate the hygiene of modern bathrooms with hands-free operation and personalized controls. Driven by smart integrated technology, intuitive interfaces, and water-efficient designs, intelligent toilets by Kohler create the perfect balance amongst convenience, form, and function, while also nurturing both environmental and personal wellbeing.

Cleansing Seats

Cleansing seats by Kohler offer an expansive range of features from utilitarian to luxurious. They showcase simple, efficient ways of incorporating personal cleansing into a good bathroom environment. Bedecked with hygienic cleansing wands, models that self-sanitize using UV lights, and more, the Kohler collection of bidet seats combine style and hygiene with effortless elegance.