An unimaginative lighting scheme may make even the most impressive bathroom designs look dull and ordinary. Hence, every dream bathroom is incomplete without proper lighting. It is not only about the brightness of lights but also about their creative placements, consistency and shades. Beyond the aesthetic aspect of lighting, it should also be functional and make your bathroom experience better. Kohler Africa provides you with a range of lighting choices to choose from according to your own style. Here is a compilation of three.

Kohler bathroom designs

Increase your efficiency with Kohler’s Task Lighting:

Philosophy behind task lighting is to provide proper lighting solutions to increase the functionality of the bathroom. These lights illuminate your grooming spaces, cabinets and vanities and make you more efficient. One of the best Kohler bathroom accessories, these lights provides a consistent and optimally bright flow of light to eliminate any hotspots of unflattering shadows. They provide you with a clearer view and focus so that you can comfortably continue with your grooming.

Coming in various forms from larger modular lights to discreet built-in lights, they complement the lighting scheme of your bathroom. Needless to say, they provide a distinctive flair to your bathroom.

Increase your efficiency with Kohler’s Task Lighting

Relax with Ambient Lighting

Far away from the rush of modern lifestyle, bathrooms have become the spaces to enter into a deep state of relaxation and calmness. Soft glow of the ambient lighting absorbs your stress and tensions and provides a warm feeling which helps you to achieve your Zen.

Ambient Lighting softly illumines every corner of your bathroom and brings out its beauty and design. It also helps you in navigating safely. One of the best options for ambient lighting are lighted mirrors which provide a quiet and enamoring orb of light and add to the theme of your bathroom.

Night Lights: The Unsung Heroes

Bright lights are neither needed nor suitable for the night time. Therefore, Kohler’s Night Lights provide mellow and diffused light which is not harsh to the eyes. These lights ensure that you stay in the world of dreams and your sleeping rhythms are not disturbed if you use the bathroom at night.

You can use Night Light in various creative ways. They can be fitted as backlights in mirrors and vanities. A floor lamp can change the whole vibe of the Kohler bathroom. You can further dive in luxury by adding motion sensors which bring in illumination as soon as you enter the bathroom. Some low lights can be added to the settings for soft lighting.

Kohler provides you various options to choose from according to your personalized aesthetic sense. You can use a mix of styles to get a truly consistent and aesthetically pleasing lighting.

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