Kohler’s Hand Picked Products for Your Dream Bathroom

It is very important to have a well-organized bathroom with perfect counter areas, a beautiful basin and a crystal-clear mirror to enhance your daily cleansing routine. Whether you have to rush to the office in the morning or dress up for the night out with friends, having an orderly bathroom is a key to make you look stunning and divine. A bathroom doesn’t only make you look good but it gives you the perfect start that you need and bestows positive energy. Kohler understands this sanctity of bathing space and therefore its each product is devoted to provide a customized experience to the customers. If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom or even go for a complete overhaul, check out some of Kohler’s hand-picked products below:

Kohler floral vessel sink

Dutch-Master Midnight Floral™ Carillon® Vessel

This exquisite design was crafted in collaboration with floriography artist Ashely Woodson Bailey. Based on flawless Dutch-Master Paintings of 17th century, this vessel sink looks ornamental and makes a definite style statement. Patterns of blooming sweet pea, fritillaries and hellebores against the dark backdrop make it look glorious. Dramatic Lighting in the style of Chiaroscuro Paintings, this beautiful sinks stands as if a midsummer dream came true. If you are looking for an artisticsink, then this is the piece for you!

Kohler Ming mirror hung and faucet and sink

Ming Mirror

There is nothing as beautiful as a full moon hung in the sky squandering its mellow light. MingMirroris inspired from the full moon and looks equally beautiful and soothing. Beyond its aesthetic value, it is packed with various features like a built-in magnifying kohler mirror to facilitate the makeup process. It automatically lights up when its proximity sensor detects your presence. You have the option of personalising its brightness and colour temperature according to your preferences. To solve the problem of fogging, it has an electric heating and a defogging feature which makes it a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Kohler faucet and sink with luxe vanity

Luxe Vanity

Vanity is very important to keep the bathroom properly managed. Inspired by the harmonious and long running lines of the flying sails of boats, this vanity is ever beautiful. Its high density and moisture resistant material makes it durable and prevents the termites from invading. You can keep as much as 250 kilograms of weight in its hinges and drawers. There are enough compartments to separate your stuff and keep the bathroom free from mess. It is a combination of craft and functionality and hence becomes the first choice for all bathrooms.

Integrating these Products in your bathing space will transform your bathroom experience and change your outlook towards cleansing. All of them are designed to provide the customized experience suited to your needs and take the comfort and quality of your bathing experience to the next level.

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com or visit https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us.