Kohler’s Three Propositions for Your Dream Bathroom

A proper bathroom experience is very important to have a perfect and productive day. In a properly organised bathroom, a quick morning shower can give you the energy for the day and a relaxing bath after a stressful day can prepare you for the sleep. Therefore, a perfect bathroom experience ultimately translates into better health, greater productivity and lasting happiness. People always find it difficult to curate a perfect bath but it has been made easier by Kohler as we have picked up some suggestions for you.

Check out these three products which we consider essential to have in every bathroom to provide a fulfilling experience.

Ceric freestanding bathtub

Ceric Free-Standing Bath

There is nothing more appealing than a magnificent freestanding bath in the centre of your bathroom as it takes the sophistication and elegance to another dimension. The level of comfort that such a bathtub offers makes one feel regal and relaxed to the core. You can indulge in an immersive bath while resting your back against the sloped lumbar support. With the help of Kohler’s innovative Lithocast Cast-Resin and hand-finished intricacies, this bathtub looks unearthly. It is 17 inches deep and features a centre drain with a cover. Its high-gloss finish helps easy cleaning and maintenance. It is designed to melt all your fatigue and exhaustion.

Bathroom shower

Loure Rain Panel

Rain Panel enhances the showering experience by providing a more immersive rain-like experience. Its design is based on Geometric Composition in Interior Architecture and looks absolutely stunning. It offers a high-water pressure and even flow makes one feel like bathing in the rainfall. Its 431 mm rain-panel equipped with Katalyst Air-induction Technology provides a powerful and even coverage on the body. Flexible Silicon Nozzles are easy to clean and ensure its durability.

Bathroom with Intelligent toilet

Numi Intelligent Toilet

Numi Intelligent Toilet has the potential of revolutionising your toilet experience completely by integrating cutting edge technology to enhance comfort and sanitation. It has a state-of-the-art design which makes it look futuristic yet elegant in your bathroom. Equipped with features like ambient lighting, seat warmer, feet warmer and built-in audio system, it completely transforms your normal routine and opens the door to a world of comfort and relaxation. It has a durable stainless steel bidet seat wand which provides proper positioning and full control over spray pattern. You can also select the temperature and pressure as per your preferences. All of these advanced settings can be controlled by a touch screen remote. Overall, this toilet brings tomorrow on your doorstep.

All these products provide you a customized and fine-tuned experience by providing you greater control over your routine. Adding them to your bathroom brings order and perfection into your routine which de-clutters the mind and bestows you with greater energy for the day. Therefore, if you are looking to design your bathroom or planning an overhaul, then these are Kohler’s hand-picked suggestions as they can make your bathroom experience truly magical!

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