Kohler Bathroom Accessories & the Organic Touch

The green is serene but why have it only as a colour when you have something fresh and organic in its name. Nature has lush greenery and that greenery can be in your bathroom and you can do it with the help of nature only and this will eventually help you grow on along with nature and it, in turn, would give you, your family as well as your guests, a fresh feeling. Here are some of the tips that you can opt for while adding green to make your intimate space laced with Kohler bathroom accessories, an organic abode.

Kohler Bathroom Accessories & the Organic Touch-Kohler africa

Kohler bathroom products go with the plants

What is better than having greenery in your peace seeking space in your own home? We are well familiar with the fact that peace has no better abode than lush green landscapes, in the lap of nature, or on top of mountains watching green plains leaping and playing in front of your eyes. So, nothing gets better than having them in your bathroom along with Kohler bathroom products and making the ambience fresh and just wow. Natural greens are a great decor element in any space and add a little more energy than artificial greens.

Kohler bathroom products go with the plants

Kohler bathroom fittings: Be careful

Because of the lack of sunlight and increased moisture in this area, when purchasing a plant, always consider the type of greens you can add – some may not survive in such a space. Succulents like cacti fit in well because there is enough water in the environment. Smaller climbers like money plants or bamboos, as well as genus like Peperomia, Zamia, Syngonium, and Dracaena, work well because they don't require as much sun. Because of their small size, they fit quite nicely into a table top planter amid Kohler bathroom fittings. Ferns are also an option to consider.

Unfortunately, flowering plants are not recommended unless you have a large window to place them in – they require at least six hours of daily sunlight to produce blooms. Colored plants will also gradually turn green if kept indoors because they require a lot of natural light. It is usually not feasible to have arrangements of proper sunlight in your space, therefore choose those who give beauty as they fit in and get enough for themselves to feed on, in that environment.

Kohler bathroom products: It’s okay to do extra

There are some ardent nature lovers who just want to make their space unique and just the best and for which, they try to create things like plant walls, who for a general person is like, going the extra mile, which, a naturalist would definitely go for. Imagine a natural surroundings and Kohler bathroom products! These options are also feasible if you have some basic proper arrangements that can serve this. A proper arrangement for lighting so that the ample sunlight reaches the plants and they grow accordingly, a large and spacious bathroom that can have all the necessary arrangements for these plants to fit in, and last and the least, choose the plants that require less moisture and less light so that they grow easily and quickly.

Kohler bathroom fittings Be careful-kohler africa

Kohler bathroom accessories: Take care of them

As the ones who are going to make your place beautiful are living beings like us, here comes your most important part i.e. of their well being and maintenance which is not a complex job, just a bit of care can accomplish the task. Caring for all living organisms is essential, like our houseplants are no exception. They have a pigment called chlorophyll, which converts carbon dioxide from the environment into oxygen, and this is your plant's most important value. Keep plants near a window or a source of light, and away from ceiling fans or air conditioners, as they are unable to withstand the onslaught of continuous draughts of air. They will surely complement Kohler bathroom accessories present in your personal space.

Watering of the plants is an easy but important process that must be done as water is required enormously by the little creatures to survive. Therefore, keep in mind that plants in the bathroom should only be watered once or twice a week – 50% less than you would water other houseplants. Depending on the plant, the mud should be changed once a year. Change the water frequently and trim the roots when they cover the entire container for water-based greens like a money plant.

Here’s how you can organize your space while making it organic.

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