Kohler Luxury Bathroom: It’s Not Just a Bathroom

As the world is full of trials as well as tribulations, where complexities and despair dominate the scenario, one finds it hard to get peace anywhere. The echoing spaces never allow you to get some rest for yourself. In these challenging times, something that disconnects you from all that and makes you feel like you’re in heaven is nothing but your most intimate space, your bathroom. Today, a bathroom doesn’t serve the only purpose that it was made for. Because, it’s not just a bathroom!

Kohler sink faucet with lighted mirror

Kohler knows the importance of a space like bathroom and strives at its best to bring in comfort, luxury garnished by intelligence with sheer excellence with an amazing range of Kohler bathroom accessories including sinks,faucets, freestanding bathtubs, smart toilet seats, and a lot more. With Kohler, a luxury bathroom is an easy to accomplish process for you. Here are some ideas that can help you make your bathroom, one of a kind and as you want it to be.

Kohler bathroom accessories: Set the ambience right

The right mood requires an ambience to make it all sound and set; whether it comes from hues that relax you mentally, or waves that are soft and gentle. A light of your kind, soft or vibrant, the glazed mirrors, or the fresh scented candles can serve you, as according to your choice. They don’t do anything special but just add up to your experience and make it, soothing to the core.

Verdera mirror with voice command feature

Kohler Luxury Bathroom: For a space that defines you

Every bathroom should have an area with accessories and essentials of your choice, from your slippers, robes and other bathroom essentials to all the add-ons as you prefer like your favorite food etc. All of it would just add to your ease. If something is as per your mind and choice, you just relish it. Set it along with your favourites and make it a space, which defines you with Kohler Bathroom products, you can have everything as you want. From showers to faucets, we have everything for you.

Kohler Products: Take care of your body

Make sure to have clean hands in the kitchen by placing a soap dispenser at your countertop. Choose from stylish counter mounted models to match your Kohler faucet or go touch free with a touchless soap dispenser and faucet. Touch free action provides the best sanitary control and maintains the healthy ambiance of your kitchAs we know that, Health is wealth, it’s our responsibility to maintain it, and that too, with ease. A bath is relaxing, but if done in an organized manner, it can be perfect and healthy. Starting from a body spray that stimulates your internal processes including your circulation and then to expel out toxins with the help of a steam. Already looking forward to submerging, in a spacious bathtub, to relax yourself down to the hilt and reaching its climax with a hand shower that just makes it all complete.

Luxurious bathroom with Kohler products and accessories

Kohler Bathroom Products: A fantastic finish

All of the above can do the needful but, design is something that is paramount. Make it complete by adding a design that’s vibrant, that sets with your preferences and what gives you the flow.

Choose Kohler Bathroom Fittings

As done with ‘What to do to make your bathroom perfect?’, let’s move on to Who will make it? Here is the answer, Kohler brings you a huge variety of bathroom essentials and designs in its collections that are going to amaze you once you look at it. Kohler is ready to assist you and work with you, in adding stars to your bathroom with something unique and something as never seen before.

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com or visit https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us.