Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat: An Ideal Solution to Women’s Intimate Hygiene

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat

It is the 21st century and gone are the days when paying the bills and pursuing a successful career were the benchmark to a healthy modern life. Over the years, the environmental disturbances accompanied with an unhealthy, fast-paced living have made seemingly ordinary aspects of our living, such as wellness, cleanliness, and hygiene, a crucial one. It is now important for us to take care of our body, our mind, and our personal surroundings. Therefore, our homes are the place we can live our lives to the fullest, in the safest way possible. Since bathrooms are very closely related to one’s intimate wellness, Kohler is dedicated in their efforts to make the bathrooms the safest and most comfortable experience of women’s self-care and intimate wellness.

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat that comes with an innovative and advanced cleansing design, making it a crucial step forward by Kohler in women’s intimate hygiene and wellness. The Pureclean bidet seat is the ultimate wellness solution and certainly what your bathroom needs to make your intimate hygiene a comfortable and refreshing experience. The seat requires only a few minutes for installation, while its advanced features like theautomatic cleansing wand and an adjustable bidet spray provide the ease of use and comfort we desire in intimate cleansing.

Pureclean bidet seat

We should look at some of the key features of Pureclean bidet seat by Kohler:

  • SafeShieldTM Thanks to the nano-silver ions (AG+) the Kohler toilet seat remains 99.9% free from bacteria.
  • Quick-releaseTM hinges that provide the ease of unlatching the seat from the toilet making it easy and convenient to handle.
  • Quiet-closeTM lid that closes slowly without slamming or any sound.
  • Quick-AttachTM hardware that makes the installation quick and secure.

Keeping in mind the five essential requirements for a complete experience, i.e., freshness, comfort, cleanliness, versatility and design, Kohler have come up with the wonderful Purecleantoilet seat that responds to these requirements on every front be it the innovation, the design or the easeof use. A major merit to Kohler’s Pureclean is its versatility.

Kohler bidet seats can just be that ultimate addition to your bathroom and personal care as it comes in different shapes and sizes so that it can fit any bidet and deliver the most comfortable experience of intimate care to every woman. Cleansing is also a key component when it comes to taking care of our intimate hygiene. The cleansing wand of bidet seat provides automatic washing and the bidet spray is fully adjustable for front and rear wash and for water pressure, assuring easy and pristine intimate cleansing. As discussed earlier, the bidet seat is easy to install… and uninstall as well, making it a great option for those living in rental homes or people who move around a lot.

With its unmatched ease of use, accessible and innovative design, Kohler’s Pureclean bidet seat is the one-stop solution for every woman’s intimate cleansing and hygiene needs.

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