Kohler Bathroom Accessories: The Bold is the New Gold

Things that shine are beautiful and allure us. But not any longer! All that glitters may be gold but not appealing to our eyes. What has replaced gold today is something that strikes your eyes with its simplicity and pleases us with an aesthetic view, something that has some bold designs and colours! People often personalize their private spaces with colours that suit all but one should realize that what should be done is making it elegant with some bold touches that makes a bathroom, an unimaginable beauty.

Bathroom design with Kohler fiitings

Bold is something that highlights itself amid each and everything that surrounds it. Bold, for you, is something that you keep above anything, which is why values constitute its important part. The second being your favorite things and it can be anything, as some are crazy about their preferences on accessories and some are freak about styles. Therefore, Something Bold is just that which is the best as per your choice that is your favorite, which keeps its position about anything in your mind. And hence, we will cater you about how to use Bold to make it Gold. Let us go on and give bold and extremely enduring finishes to your bathroom with Kohler and the exciting Kohler Bathroom accessories.

Kohler Bathroom Sink Faucets

The fantastic faucets add to the boldness to your bathrooms. With the shape that inspires you, having a unique blend of styles, these faucets give a bathroom a surreal look. The Kohler Purist Faucet with elegant handlesand brass reflections can form a good combination with the amazing range of marvellous Kohler Vessel Sinks. The exotic combinations would make your accessories perfect and well organized. The royal Marrakesh designs are a must try for art lovers.

Kohler bathroom with matte black faucets and verdera voice mirror

Kohler Bathroom Accessories

The exhilarant hues with combinations of your choice gives an attractive look and completes the boldness of your peace-seeking-abode. The magnificence of the space is defined by these unique blends of art and creativity with fun and aestheticism. The Peacock Blue, The Roaring Red, or The Pleasing Pink or be it any colour that represents your personality, with Kohler, everything is just possible

The varied values are something intangible but hold an important position in creating an outlook of anything that’s around you. These values find themselves in every nook and corner of the space that Kohler creates as we harbour the message that everything says something. With a wide variety of Kohler bathroom accessories, faucets, showers, bathtubs etc., we value your values and set your standards according to it.

Kohler bathroom smart toilet with remote control

Kohler Luxury Bathroom: Your Choice

With almost everything in your collection that is going to amaze you and that would surely create a dilemma in your minds about what to choose, Kohler is there for everything and it would delight your experience to the hilt. Crafted with care, moulded with love, painted with faith, and intended with nothing but just to make it the best, Kohler has always aimed at creating the best out of anything that’s BOLD, for you!

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com or visit https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us.