Posted 15/09/2021

We all desire to modify our bathroom space into a modern and calming spa, don’t we? Good news is you can create your own relaxation haven with Kohler bathroom décor units and a few easy tricks.

Kohler bathroom bathtub decor
organized bathroom space

Get Organized

The first step towards your dream-home-spa is organizing your bathroom space neatly that exudes serenity and not chaos. Cluttered spaces with things kept here and there create messiness that blocks your mind from rejuvenating. Arrange your personal grooming items smartly in the vanity drawers. If you seek more space, go for drawer dividers near the basin that offer abundant space without interfering with your thoughtfully designed bathroom. Hanging a few white towels will add to the pristine look and evoke that luxury spa-like experience you are used to. You can also neatly roll the towels and keep them on a shelf to make the setting more functional.

Kohler Freestanding Bathtub

Recreate to rejuvenate

Recreation is the key to create a relaxing ambience for your home spa. Take inspiration from your favourite rejuvenation places and transform your bathroom space into a soulful escape that revitalizes your body, mind, and soul. Create a mood that calms your senses. Use shower speakers to play soft music that comforts your mind and ears. Light your favourite fragrant candle near your modern bathtub and treat yourself with the luxury it brings along. Experiment with wall art in pastel colors that soothes your eyes. Let the Kohler steam shower with essential oils pamper you to the core. Turn your me-time into a more relaxing experience with Kohler unique shower and bath fixtures with rain heads and bath accessories.

bathroom sink faucet with round mirror on a wall

Play with lights

Aha! The irresistible charm of lighting that sets mood and takes you to a whole new world without even moving a step. Thoughtfully installed lighting defines spaces and add dimension to it. Glam up your bathspace with vertical lighting. Install mirrors to complement it. Use pendants, sconces, and ceiling lights to add to the sophistication and style. And with it your happy space is ready to uplift your mood.

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