Kohler’s Four Ideas for Your Own Home Spa

Having a well decorated and elegantly designed bathroom can be the key to having one’s own relaxation haven. With Kohler’s four easy tricks, anyone can now turn their home spa dreams into a reality.

1. Get Organized: This fundamental rule can be an important one as we need our bathrooms to be spacious and serene. A jumbled and disorderly space can reflect badly on our mood and can result in frustration and exhaustion while a well-organized personal space can go a long way in creating a calm and soothing environment. Therefore, it’s essential to organize your personal stuff in the vanity drawers and get drawer dividers to create more space. Similarly, there should be ample counter space near the basin to make the space more functional. At Kohler products and accessories, the range of bathroom furniture by Kohler Africa is designed exactly to help you achieve an organized and spacious look for your dream home spa.

2. Create a mood: While organizing your personal space is essential, it is equally important for your home spa to be your own little happy space. A spa-like experience at home is almost a necessity now, keeping in mind the severe exhausting effects of our modern lifestyle. A personalized home spa therefore needs to be your personal comfort space where you can take a break, unwind, and relax. In order to add a more personal touch to your home spa, you can recreate the mood of your personal favorite relaxation locales or environments. For instance, you can play soft music or soothing sounds of naturefrom shower speakers, while a steam shower with essential oils can help rejuvenate your skin and spirit. Different wall arts can also be added to give the surroundings a calming and artsy touch.

Kohler’s Four Ideas for Your Own Home Spa

3. Water that heals: Spas originated around mineral springs that had natural water with healing abilities; therefore a crucial aspect of your perfect home spa is the flow and sound of water. Incorporating the likes of modern, luxury bathtubs, a rain-simulating showerhead, or a waterfall faucet to recreate the sounds of water rippling over pebbles, could be a key factor in creating a small, yet luxurious home spa experience.

4. Mood lighting: The lighting in your dream spa should, in addition to being functional, should also set a calming and soothing mood, add shape and texture to the overall look and define spaces. Vertical lightning can also be used, while pairing them with cabinets or mirrors, and using accessories such as pendants, sconces and ceiling lights can add style and sophistication to your personal home spa experience.

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