Bring Some Gold in Bathroom with Kohler

Bathroom design with gold accessories

Gold has been the epitome of elegance, beauty and outstanding luxury forcenturies in almost all cultures around the world. In some of the cultures Gold symbolizes auspiciousness and positivity. Therefore, it is a good idea to add some gilt to your bathing space to make it look deluxe, inviting and warm. One may find it difficult to find accessories with focus on Gold but Kohler has made it possible as it has included golden borders and other finer elements to many of its products.

minimalistic bathroom design

If you are trying to bring some Gold into your bathroom, here are some interesting suggestions for you:

There is nothing better than gold-bordered mirrors, if you are looking to bring in some glint in your bathing space. Complement the mirror with tinges of Yellow on the vanity counter to complete the look. If you do not have vanity below the mirror and there is just a basin counter, then consider some polishing to get the perfect look. If you are looking to still go more regal, then you can add a lacquered gold foil countertop. The fine contrast between matter and glossy golden shine will be beyond beautiful.

Bathroom with golden lighting

If you are looking to make a style statement then there is no option better than having a wall splashed with the gilded tone. You can use different materials, textures and shapes to bring in one of a kind looks. Add plentiful golden lighting to further highlight the royal features of the bathing space. If this is too much for you, you can simply keep one wall with splashes of golden hues while keeping others white. Don’t be shy and keep experimenting to get the looks and feels that you desire!

Toilet seat with golden colour flush

There are some of us who don’t like too much bling but still want to incorporate gold into our bathroom to bring in that well known warmth. It is not necessary to have an entire golden wall to bring in the golden hues as Kohler offers faucets and fittings which are designed elegantly to fit perfectly into any bathroom. You can add some gold to your basins, shower faucets and even your hygiene spray. There are options of having a golden towel rack, soap dispenser or even a toothbrush holder perfect for those who do not prefer too much shine.

Everyone likes gold not only because of the luxury it brings but also because it adds certain panache and homely warmth to the bathroom. Some like it more whereas others try to stay more conservative and only prefer a hint of gold. If you are also looking to design your bathroom or undergoing a major overhaul, then the ideas mentioned above will help you bring in some shine into your bathing space and make your bathroom experience richer and more fulfilling.

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