Use Carpets to Transform your Bathroom into an Extravagant Retreat

Rugs can completely change the appearance of your bathing space while also providing that extra bit of sanitation and hygiene. They feel soft on foot and look absolutely stunning in almost any setting. So, we say it is the time for you to bring in the carpets. Here are few ways; you can blend the rugs with interiors of your bathroom to bring in the ultimate sophistication and luxury.

blend of rugs with bathroom interior

Intricately decorated wall, shining in gold and black tiles behind the WC looks seamless with the ornamental faucet and other fixtures of this bathroom. It is further harmonised by the beautifully cut and shaped Nysa vessel. The floor features Vienna-beige tiles and the rug underneath vanity matches the scintillating aura of the space. Its textures and patterns blend in with the aura of space and the whole setup oozes luxury.

minimalistic bathroom design

This minimalistic bathroom design is best suited for the moments of tranquillity as the neutral half and half walls blend perfectly with the grey of the flooring. Beautiful pieces like Presquile vanity and Kankara vessel are in complete synchronization and bring in the absolute luxury. Composed faucet and a shower system overlooking the greenery of the garden take you to the lap of nature. The earthy tones of the rug used provide a dreamy subtle effect making you feel as if you are in a spa and closer to yourself.

Outdoor bathroom in middle of plants

This space can enliven the spirits and rejuvenate the body as it features a perfect balance between design and the environment. Showering space set up in the middle of plants is complemented by the intricately designed carpet. Featuring a perfect Rug, stunning flooring and adorned with a neutral palette and gold fixtures, this space redefines luxury and magnificence.

bathroom design with wooden walls

It is one of the most creative designs with certain warmth about it which makes it look inviting. Neutral Backsplash on the wooden slate walls and the subtle matte finish on the wall behind the majestic freestanding bathtub make it look absolutely distinguished. Outstanding halo of the natural light seems healing and relaxing. Further beautified by elegant white rug, this bathroom is located on the crossroads of external and internal spaces creating a certain enigmatic aura.

deluxe bathroom interior

Filled with natural right and equipped with Modern Comforts, this bathroom features an unmatched grandeur. Ebonised vanity combined with the rusty Corian top takes the look to another dimension. Extravagant Rug goes well with the splendid architecture of the bathroom and provides a deluxe look to the space. Overall, this bathroom feels extravagant and grand and uplifts moods and spirits.

All of these bathroom settings highlight the importance of rugs in bathing spaces as they can be a true style statement along with providing a cosy and luxurious feel to the bathroom. You can take inspiration from these designs to add a rug and splendid Kohler bathroom products for transforming it into a deluxe sanctuary where you can retreat in your free times.

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