Geometric designs with reliable performance, Span bathroom collection works well in contemporary environments. A purely geometric approach to the toilets with warm and humanist details add to the character of Span. It is soft to touch and has no sharp edges whilst being true to its geometric origins, allowing for flexibility that fits into any minimalist bathroom space.


  • Ergonomic design suitable for modern bathrooms.

  • Eco Flush, a cutting-edge flushing technology that delivers best-in-class results @ 4L full Flush /2L half Flush.

  • Fully glazed trapway and rim with consistent glaze thickness.

  • SafeShield: Every Kohler PP toilet seat is infused with nanosilverions (Ag+) that keep it 99.9% free from bacteria, including highly resistant strains of E.coli.

  • Quiet-Close™ seat lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.

  • The glaze contains silver ions along with special composite material which ensures that microbes cannot survive on the surface of the toilet.

  • Protection against the widest variety of potentially harmful microorganisms.

  • Removable seat for easy cleaning.

Ergonomic design suitable for modern bathrooms
Round Toilet with Seat
Square Toilet with Seat

Span round vessel
Span square vessel