Posted 24/09/2021

Transform your bathroom with kohler’s bold touches

Every dream bathroom must reflect the personality and style of its owner. Traditionally, Bathrooms involved the use of neutral colors, simple accessories and design elements but that concept is passé now. It is the time to be bolder and make your statement in designing the bathroom. Kohler and its new accessories and designs help you to go for unconventional finishes, stylized fixtures and personalised aesthetic. Read More

Posted 18/09/2021

Light up your bathroom with kohler

An unimaginative lighting scheme may make even the most impressive bathroom designs look dull and ordinary. Hence, every dream bathroom is incomplete without proper lighting. It is not only about the brightness of lights but also about their creative placements, consistency and shades. Read More

Posted 18/09/2021

Kohler’s Four Ideas for Your Own Home Spa

Having a well decorated and elegantly designed bathroom can be the key to having one’s own relaxation haven. With Kohler’s four easy tricks, anyone can now turn their home spa dreams into a reality. Read More

Posted 15/09/2021

Create Your Dream Home Bathroom Spa

We all desire to modify our bathroom space into a modern and calming spa, don’t we? Good news is you can create your own relaxation haven with Kohler bathroom décor units and a few easy tricks. Read More

Posted 15/09/2021

Bathroom Decor with a Kohler Mirror

A bathroom mirror elevates and enhances the overall look of the bath space. From minimal oval–shaped mirrors to the classy fuss-free rectangular designs, these are both functional and captivating. Hence, it becomes extremely important to choose a mirror that complements the vibe of your bathroom décor. Read More

Posted 06/09/2021

Endearingly Alluring, Black Bathroom Magic

Black has remained ever sophisticated as it adds depth and incomparable elegance to a room. It accentuates both classic and stately designs. An all-black bath oozes serenity while establishing a unique synergy among the elements embracing the ambiance. Read More

Posted 06/09/2021

White Palettes for a Blissful, Spa-like Ambience

White Palettes evoke a deep sense of rejuvenation so much so that if there is a heaven it would most certainly be white. Nothing feels more therapeutic than taking a shower in your very own bathroom adorned with beautiful shades of white after a busy and hectic day. Read More

Posted 27/08/2021


There’s something almost universally appealing about the simplicity and sophistication of rooms drenched in soft pinks, cool grays, and pale sandy shades. These pale hues create a nearly neutral backdrop—one that you can personalize with color, warm up with wood, or keep unadorned for a tranquil, quiet mood that’s perfect for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Stunning Outdoor Bathroom Ideas by Kohler Africa

Making the most of the space demands imagination and innovation in approach. The bathrooms in the tastefully designed farmhouse or beach villas must be in sync with the same modern style applied to the other spaces. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Let Your Bathroom Speak of Your Personality

Bathrooms are personal spaces where you unwind all your emotions, be it vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, or pride, it’s that one place where you feel the most comfortable and in touch with yourself. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

A bold addition to your creative collection

At Kohler, we pay attention to detail to every specific element that makes our ranges. Modern design trends are precisely etched into the world of luxurious products we create. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Experience Kohler Clean with Sensate

The kitchen is a space of grace and playfulness. KOHLER Sensate touchless faucet offers freedom, style elegance, and intelligence through responsive technology and voice control. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Material Matters Article Kohler

Materials are an integral part of designing an interior space and choosing the right mix for a bath space can add to the calm and tranquillity of it. Surface textures, finishes, materials and colours bind a space together and play a critical role in the process. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Luxury Unveiled – Kohler’s Veil Freestanding Bath

MaintainingImagine a bride’s veil, delicate and soft, with flowing fabric and curved lines. This is the inspiration behind the Veil freestanding bath from Kohler. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Expressive elegance designed by Kohler

Experience the world of Kohler luxury as aerodynamic ambitions meets warm humanist details in Beam and Span. Style your bathroom with the European sophistication of Beam and live the true charm of expressive luxury with Span. Read More

Posted 08/01/2021

Turn the showering experience into digital luxury

Kohler brings you the DTV+ showering system, that transforms the bathroom into a relaxing spa-like environment with an orchestrated interplay of water, steam, sound, and light into one unique, customizable experience. Read More

Posted 15/01/2021

Dimensions of Well Being by Kohler

Kohler’s perspective of the year, Dimensions of Wellbeing explores the relationship between our physical environment and wellbeing. At its heart, Dimensions of Wellbeing is a simple idea. It correlates our physical spaces with our overall health and wellbeing. Read More