Posted 24/07/2024

Unmatched Experience with Electronic Bidet Seat

We tend to pay close attention to detail in every room. Likewise, the bathroom needs equal attention. The bidet is a life-changing experience.Bidets were once independent fixtures Read More

Posted 23/07/2024

Bidet Toilet Seats for Effortless Usage

Take a minute to think back to the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been three years, and a lot has changed, including the changes in our bathrooms. One of the many changes has been the Read More

Posted 20/07/2024

7 Things to Make a Small Bathroom Look Luxurious

Is your bathroom small, and you are looking for the most luxurious makeover? If yes, you are at the right place to transform your small bathroom space with an elegant layout. Read More

Posted 19/07/2024

Small Kitchen Designs to Maximize Your Space

Every space of our home holds a distinct place, whether we are discussing the drawing rooms, dining area, bathroom, or kitchen. The kitchen makes for a special place in our home among all the spaces Read More

Posted 19/06/2024

7 Must-Know Faucet Trends for Kitchens and Baths in 2024

Trends are evolving, designs are getting innovative, and faucets are transforming more smartly than ever. Each passing year has transformed the design world Read More

Posted 19/06/2024

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Sensor Taps in Bathrooms by 2024

As the landscape of design and innovation evolves rapidly, the latest advancements are turning heads with their exemplary creations. Read More

Posted 21/05/2024

Understanding Different Kitchen Faucet Styles

The kitchen is a space where exquisite dishes are prepared. Each element of the kitchen plays a pivotal role in making things work. It is often seen that when designing or upgrading a kitchen Read More

Posted 26/04/2024

Crafting an Inviting and Stylish Bathroom Design

Recreation in 2024 doesn’t have to be parks and pools. It can be challenging to look for bathroom ideas – you must consider everything from materials, color schemes, lighting fixtures, Read More

Posted 12/04/2024

Everything About Kitchen Sinks and Faucets: Quick Kitchen Upgrade

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen but don't have enough time? Remodeling the entire kitchen in a short period of time would not be possible. But there is still a simple upgrade that Read More

Posted 20/03/2024

Revitalize Your Shower: Elegant Bathroom Set Collection

Are you ready to upgrade your daily shower experience? A rejuvenating bathroom shower set can set the mood for the day. Selecting your area's ideal bathroom shower set can profoundly impact you. Read More

Posted 20/03/2024

Kohler Toilet Seats: 6 Things You Must Know About It

The toilet seat is the main component in designing a bathroom because it completely serves the purpose of creating that space. It is also very important for your lifestyle. Wondering how? Read More

Posted 19/03/2024

Outdoor Bathroom Ideas: Embrace Nature's Serenity

As the line between indoor and outdoor spaces becomes increasingly blurred, the popularity of indoor-outdoor bathrooms is rising. An outdoor bathroom can be the ultimate luxury with favorable weather conditions. Read More

Posted 27/02/2024

Optimizing Space: Kitchen Sink Design Solutions

Several things are given due importance when upgrading or building a new kitchen. Starting with the layout. It is based on an efficient arrangement of work zones for cooking, cleaning, and storage. Read More

Posted 20/02/2024

7 Shower Room Designs that Create a Balanced Bathroom Look

Shower room ideas are no less than a game-changer! Shower rooms are places for calmness and relaxation, but decking them up with the correct elements also makes them eye-soothing. Read More

Posted 25/01/2024

Mastering the Flow: Exploring Types of Shower Valves

Shower fixtures are among the most essential parts of the bathroom that make for a refreshing start to a day. Showers promote stress relief and relaxation. Read More

Posted 15/12/2023

7 Benefits of Using Brass Water Faucets in Bathrooms and Kitchens

There’s always confusion about what type of faucet material you should consider for your space—is it steel, plastic, brass faucet, etc. Read More

Posted 13/12/2023

Choosing the Right Toilet Seat: A Guide to Comfort and Functionality

Welcome to the essential guide on selecting the perfect bathroom seat for your home! Whether you're renovating your bathroom Read More

Posted 04/12/2023

Kitchen Taps: Kitchen Styles That You Can't Get Over

Whether looking at new designs and styles for your kitchen or beginning your research to level up your kitchen makeover, choosing the perfect Read More

Posted 21/11/2023

Kitchen Faucets: Unique Advantages & Functionalities

Kitchen faucets are significant for your kitchen sinks and are crucial components, considering they are used for cooking, cleaning, or filling water. Read More

Posted 17/11/2023

Bathroom Sink Design Ideas: Innovation Meets Elegance

Thoughtfully done interior design can uplift the ambience of your house. The same thing applies to your bathroom to make it stand apart. Read More

Posted 23/10/2023

9 Best Kitchen Tap Designs for a Modern Kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of the house, is the essence of making a house a home. It is the place where magic begins with the flavours, love, and togetherness Read More

Posted 19/10/2023

How An Upgrade Can Make Your Showers More Blissful

Showering is more than a utilitarian thing - it is an act of self-care that reduces stress. Amid the daily hustle, taking time and making the act of bathing more blissful is mandatory. Read More

Posted 18/10/2023

Guide to Choosing the Right Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Bathtubs with freestanding faucets have captured all the attention recently as a stylish and functional element. Where traditional bathtubs come with wall-mounted faucets Read More

Posted 25/09/2023

Taps Are Essentials: Pick These As Your Bathroom Faucets

Taps—they come in pairs, minimalist designs, and in a range of styles. Given you want to give your bathroom a more luxurious and stylish look, taps from Kohler are your best choice. Read More

Posted 22/09/2023

Elevate Your Shower Experience with Handshowers

In today's fast-paced world, bathrooms are no longer just places to get clean. Bathrooms are sanctuaries for relaxation.They have become havens where we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Read More

Posted 14/09/2023

Modern Commode Designs for a Contemporary Bathroom

In today’s modern world, even bathrooms hold more than functional importance. They deserve a makeover, too, and hence should transform into a focal point of elegance and innovation. Read More

Posted 11/09/2023

Transform Your Bathroom with Stylish Accessories

Bathrooms have more than the basic purpose of pit stops. You wake up, get ready, and wind up your day in the bathroom. It is more than just a room. Read More

Posted 04/09/2023

Upgrade your Space with the Perfect Bathroom Tap

Most of us spend 30 to 60 minutes in the bathroom daily. Hence, it is imperative to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Read More

Posted 18/08/2023

Get Inspired: These Bathroom Idea Designs Are Trending

There are different types of people in the world. While some wish to adjust to functionalities, others want to create and design Read More

Posted 08/10/2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Washbasin!

In the current times, the bathroom is a room where you spend substantially more time than before. Designers and builders today put in an extensive effort to offer Read More

Posted 25/07/2023

Upgrade Your Showering Experience with Luxurious Showerheads

Welcome to the world of ultimate showering luxury! Step into a realm where your daily shower transcends from a mere routine to an exquisite sensory experience. Read More

Posted 24/07/2023

Crucial Things To Remember Before Getting Bathroom Faucets

They say bathrooms are spaces where fashion meets function. For interior designers and homeowners, bathrooms are spaces of quiet luxury—a reflection of minimalism and Read More

Posted 24/07/2023

Enhance Your Kitchen with Kohler's Premium Faucets

Welcome to the world of exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design with Kohler faucets. Elevate your kitchen experience with the exceptional range designed Read More

Posted 07/07/2023

Reconnect with Nature: Discover the Magic of an Outdoor Bathroom Escape

Welcome to a world of outdoor bathroom ideas! If you seek to add a harmonious blend of nature and functionality, an outdoor bathroom offers a unique and refreshing experience Read More

Posted 15/06/2023

Unleash Your Bathroom Brilliance with Opulent Accessories

Bathroom designs in Africa, similar to other parts of the world, are greatly influenced by including premium and luxury bathroom accessories. These accessories enhance the space's aesthetic appeal, functionality, and luxury. Read More

Posted 14/06/2023

How To Select A Showerhead?

Bathing is therapeutic, a reviving experience that's OH-SO-AMAZING! Jumping in the shower, with just the right flow of water, eventually rinsing off all the fatigue of a long and hectic day—basically how a good bath feels. Read More

Posted 07/06/2023

Are Bidets Only For Women?

They say you can never go back after using a bidet. According to a 2023 report by World Population Review, countries like Japan, India, Ethiopia, China and the United States, among others, have the highest number of bidet users. We have had reviews from users who changed their opinions regarding Read More

Posted 06/06/2023

Transform Your Bathroom with Stunning Taps: Where Style Meets Functionality!

Bathroom taps are vital to a bathroom's overall functionality and visual appeal. With their significance often underestimated, Read More

Posted 20/05/2023

Faucet Frenzy: Finding the Perfect Type of Kitchen Faucet for Your Home

When upgrading your kitchen, one of the most critical decisions is choosing the right faucet. An excellent kitchen faucet is a significant component of allied kitchen Read More

Posted 18/05/2023

10 Outdoor Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Never Want to Go Inside Again

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, an outdoor bathroom might be just what you need. Imagine soaking in a hot tub under the Read More

Posted 12/05/2023

10 Tips for a Perfect Shower Installation

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, a perfect shower installation can make all the difference. But with so many shower components available Read More

Posted 11/05/2023

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink Design: Which Type Fits Your Style?

Welcome to your ultimate guide to kitchen basin sinks! Choosing the right kitchen sink design can be daunting, but fear not, as we've got you covered. Read More

Posted 28/04/2023

The Evolution of Kohler Faucets: A Look at Their History and Innovations

Kohler is a renowned brand in the world of faucets, with a history of over a century of producing high-quality Read More

Posted 27/04/2023

Why investing in a quality, durable mixer tap is worth it in the long run

If you're looking to update your bathroom or kitchen, one important item to consider is the mixer tap. Read More

Posted 26/04/2023

Upgrade Your Shower Experience with These Trending Shower Head Styles

A refreshing and rejuvenating shower calms you down, relaxes, and energizes you for the Read More

Posted 11/04/2023

The Sink Selection: A Guide to Finding the Right Kitchen Sink

Whether you are planning on building or renovating your kitchen, a kitchen basin sink Read More

Posted 31/03/2023

Corner Kitchen Sinks: Maximize Space with Efficiency

Corner kitchen sinks in Africa have become increasingly popular in the last decade, Read More

Posted 28/03/2023

How Bidet Toilet Seats offer the Ultimate Hygiene Solution

Automating homes with intelligent systems was once reserved for the tech-savvy or the affluent, but now it's widespread. Read More

Posted 20/03/2023

Refresh Your Space: Creative Bathroom Ideas to Elevate Your Daily Routine

As one of the most used spaces in our homes, the bathroom is often overlooked for bathroom design and décor. Read More

Posted 01/03/2023

Trendy Types of Modern Kitchen Sinks to Elevate Your Space

The kitchen space has evolved dramatically, from a simple fireplace in the pre-Industrial revolution to today's high-tech kitchens. Read More

Posted 26/02/2023

Kitchen Sink: A Quick Guide for an Exemplary Cooking Experience

Kitchens are a dynamic space that influences lifestyle. Kitchens no longer serve as a space for preparing food; they are a central hub for entertaining, socializing, Read More

Posted 24/02/2023

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Cleaner Lavatory Experience with a Bidet Toilet

As technology advances, so does our desire for a more comfortable and efficient living. The bidet toilet is one of the most recent innovations that have taken the world by storm. Bidet toilets have been around for a while, but their popularity has recently surged due to their many benefits. Read More

Posted 18/02/2023

A Guide to Bathroom Mixer Taps: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space

A mixer tap, also known as single-handle faucet, is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom designs, and for good reason. Read More

Posted 17/01/2023

Bathroom Taps that will elevate the style quotient of your bathroom

When it comes to style alternatives, bathroom taps aren't always preferred at the top of the list, but they have a big potential to seriously influence the vibe of your bathroom decor. In addition, Read More

Posted 16/01/2023

5 Trending Wash Basin Designs to Uplift Your Bathroom Appearance

Nowadays, the bathroom carries more value than just bathing and dressing up purpose. Folks look out for something that brings out modern, Read More

Posted 13/01/2023

Various Bathroom Accessories to Add Functional and Aesthetic Appeal

Bathroom accessories are a necessity and aren’t a luxury anymore. You can choose the bathroom accessories to match your bathroom design and enhance your space to create a superior experience. Read More

Posted 17/11/2022

7 Scintillating Modern Bathroom Ideas 2023 to Spruce Up your Bathroom

Bathroom space is where you rejuvenate and relax away from the dull and dreary world. Read More

Posted 17/11/2022

Various Open Kitchen Designs Combining Operation with Opulence

As the saying goes, the kitchen is a home's heart and hub. Despite the type of home, you live in, small or large, one thing is for sure; a kitchen completes a home. Read More

Posted 15/11/2022

Freestanding tubs: Bathing in Luxury

Coming home after a long, hectic day of work, one loves to soak in the bathtub and relax. Read More

Posted 04/11/2022

The Beauty of one

The brief for this project was to create a space that is modern and contemporary, with usage of natural materials as far as possible, so we considered marble as our base material and played around with that. Read More

Posted 28/10/2022

Bring the joy of sunshine

To make a bathroom stand out, it has to be bright and timeless. So we have used two types of onyx here. We tried to put bright yellow in the centre of the dry space with Read More

Posted 17/10/2022

6 Things to Consider While Selecting Wash Basin to Make your Bathroom Stand Out

Designers and builders put extensive effort into delivering the most exemplary contemporary possible. An attractive wash basin can offer a captivating, modern, luxurious, or vintage feel to your bathroom Read More

Posted 28/09/2022

How Bidet Seats Offer a Perfect Solution for Intimate Hygiene Needs

It is the 21st century and gone are the days when paying the bills and pursuing a successful career were the parameters of a healthy modern life. Read More

Posted 23/09/2022

How to pick the best shower head for your hand shower?

Your showering experience can be greatly enhanced by choosing the ideal hand held shower head. Performance and style should be taken into account when deciding which is best for your Kohler hand shower. Read More

Posted 17/09/2022

Kohler Bathtubs: Revamp your bathroom

Nowadays, it's essential to have a bathroom in your home with a gorgeous bathtub. A bathtub in the bathroom is no longer a fancy fixture. Read More

Posted 10/08/2022


Every now and then, when it comes to designing a tinzy minzy bathroom, endless confusion pops up. Read More

Posted 09/08/2022

Why woodn’t you!

If you want to create a space that feels earthy and elegant, edgy and timeless, then this rustic bathroom is all you need. Read More

Posted 02/08/2022

Rejuve with refreshing hues

Vibrant and peppy, this bathroom has just the perfect splash of fresh and bold colours. Read More

Posted 29/07/2022

Let your walls do the talking

The reflective beige tiles behind the vanity and wainscoting textures against the wall hung WC, give the space a modern English look. Read More

Posted 26/07/2022

Best Showers Ideas to Remodel Your Bathroom

The designing of a bathroom is all about using the available space creatively. Read More

Posted 22/07/2022

Timeless Tranquillity

Maintain a vibrant aesthetic with neutral colors to make your seemingly simple bathroom stand out. Read More

Posted 19/07/2022

Bold is Gold

Highly functional and aesthetic, the sleekness and luxurious accents of shine, add a timeless allure making bathrooms share an impressive presence… Read More

Posted 12/07/2022

Modern Meets Timeless

How does one intelligently design a bathroom whether used for commercial spaces or show houses? Aahana Miller of ABM Mumbai gives us some quick tips… Read More

Posted 02/07/2022

Pretty Blues with Deep Rust

Warm and welcoming, this minimalistic bath space channelizes the modern aesthetics. Read More

Posted 02/07/2022

Innovative Ideas with Kohler bathroom Concepts

As the bathroom vanity is among the first places people visit when they wake up, it's a good idea to give it some extra oomph in the design department. Read More

Posted 02/07/2022

Ultramodern Kohler Bathroom Accessories for Africa

Sophisticated and bold, these tones of the setting sun on the parched earth, is rustic perfection. Read More

Posted 01/07/2022

Playing with the Colours of the Sky

Sophisticated and bold, these tones of the setting sun on the parched earth, is rustic perfection. Read More

Posted 27/06/2022

Kohler Bath Accessories for The Luxuries of Life

Kohler has been a brand of trust for a few decades. And, they have been delivering products that are not only top-notch but also offer a significant number of luxuries of life. Read More

Posted 22/05/2022

Luxurious Bathroom Look: 5 Tips for Stunning Bathroom Faucets

With so many different shower faucet options, it can be difficult to choose the one that's right for you. You'll need to consider features like shower valves, the configuration and type, water pressure, and accessories. Read More

Posted 17/05/2022

The Beauty Of Matte Black Shower

Shower systems in matte black are a frequently sought item on We specialize in entire shower systems, but until recently, the only option for us to assist with Matte Black shower systems was to custom construct them. Read More

Posted 07/05/2022

Bathroom Decor: A Luxurious Styling with Kohler Bathroom Sinks

Imagine One luxurious bathroom. Two sinks. Three, four… more sinks? No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That is a serious number of Kohler bathroom sinks, and they are set up in a way that doesn't make sense. Read More

Posted 05/05/2022

Kohler Bidet Seats Are Prolific, You Can Easily Find The Best Bidet

Kohler is one of the most trusted names in bathroom fixtures and home improvement products. As an established brand, you can be assured that each product is made from durable materials that are guaranteed to last for many years. Read More

Posted 30/04/2022

How to choose the right bath faucets for your home?

A bathroom is more than just a room for getting clean; and it's also the perfect spot to bring your personality and make a statement. Bath faucets are an essential part of making the ultimate bathroom and can totally redefine what your bath looks like. Read More

Posted 24/02/2022

Wedding Wish List: Bathroom Accessories Ideal To Double Up

Bathrooms are designed to help us clear our brains and nurture our bodies, whether to groom ourselves every day or take a soothing shower after a long day. Unsurprisingly, we all like hotel stays since even a brief shower in the hotel bathroom instantly makes us feel like a million dollars. Read More

Posted 23/02/2022

4 Bathroom Fixtures Ideal to Double Up

Kohler bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, towel bars, racks, and laundry bags are picked carefully to create a curated theme in the bathroom. Matching or similar-looking bath accessories will significantly improve the aesthetics and organization of your bathroom. Read More

Posted 04/02/2022

Redo your bathroom with Kohler

A beautiful home is always incomplete without a neat, presentable and luxurious bathroom. Just a simple set of new models and fittings can change the look of your bathroom, even if they don't guarantee comfort. Kohler’s products are known for their comfort combined with elegance. Read More

Posted 19/01/2022

Modern Kitchens and Kohler

You and your kitchen essentials, the vegetables, the groceries; and everything need a fresh and comfy space to create a vibe where you make, where you bake, where you fry, and where you shake. Read More

Posted 18/01/2022

3 Steps to a Perfect Wash with Kohler Bathroom products

Either yours or anyone else’s, a complete bathroom experience is a must have for all of us, full of warmth, comfort, elegance and often luxury as well. Read More

Posted 23/12/2021

Kohler Bathroom Accessories: It’s the Little Things that Count!

There are some basic arrangements that you can do in your bathrooms and still make it look good without any big change which no one wishes to do concerning the pockets. Read More

Posted 16/12/2021

Kohler Bathroom Accessories & the Organic Touch

The green is serene but why have it only as a colour when you have something fresh and organic in its name. Read More

Posted 10/12/2021

Kohler Bathroom Accessories: The Bold is the New Gold

Things that shine are beautiful and allure us. But not any longer! All that glitters may be gold but not appealing to our eyes. Read More

Posted 09/12/2021

Kohler Luxury Bathroom: It’s Not Just a Bathroom

As the world is full of trials as well as tribulations, where complexities and despair dominate the scenario, one finds it hard to get peace anywhere. Read More

Posted 23/11/2021

Reinvent the holiday spirit in the heart of your home

Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home. This becomes even more evident during the holidays when the entire family is chatting in the kitchen and the air is filled with the aroma of delicious food. Read More

Posted 16/11/2021

Reimagine your bathroom space with Kohler’s budget friendly vision

In today’s modern world, change is the defining factor. Almost every aspect of our lives, be it culture, fashion, or lifestyle, is a subject of rapid transformation by the marvels of technology and innovation. Read More

Posted 11/11/2021

Reinvent Your Routine The Better Way, The Kohler Way

Most of our everyday lives are built around the simple, mundane routines that give us a much- needed sense of order and structure. It is only when we add intent and purpose to our ordinary moments that this mundanity turns into an extraordinary and meaningful experience. Read More

Posted 03/11/2021

Kohler’s Hand Picked Products for Your Dream Bathroom

It is very important to have a well-organized bathroom with perfect counter areas, a beautiful basin and a crystal-clear mirror to enhance your daily cleansing routine. Read More

Posted 02/11/2021

Reinvent Bathroom with the Boldness of Matte Black

Just like our lives, the world of design and décor too moves forward at a tremendous pace. With evolving trends in innovation and design, it seems that the popular choice for décor and finishing keeps shifting. Read More

Posted 26/10/2021

Glam up your Powder Room

Your guest bathroom may be the smallest space in your house but it doesn’t necessarily have to look tiny. You can use these three tips to make your petite powder rooms look more spacious and fuller. Read More

Posted 25/10/2021

Kohler’s Three Propositions for Your Dream Bathroom

A proper bathroom experience is very important to have a perfect and productive day. In a properly organised bathroom, a quick morning shower can give you the energy for the day and a relaxing bath after a stressful day can prepare you for the sleep. Therefore, a perfect bathroom experience ultimately translates into better health, greater productivity and lasting happiness. Read More

Posted 22/10/2021

Bring Some Gold in Bathroom with Kohler

Gold has been the epitome of elegance, beauty and outstanding luxury forcenturies in almost all cultures around the world. In some of the cultures Gold symbolizes auspiciousness and positivity. Therefore, it is a good idea to add some gilt to your bathing space to make it look deluxe, inviting and warm. Read More

Posted 21/10/2021

Use Carpets to Transform your Bathroom into an Extravagant Retreat

Rugs can completely change the appearance of your bathing space while also providing that extra bit of sanitation and hygiene. They feel soft on foot and look absolutely stunning in almost any setting. Read More

Posted 08/10/2021

Kohler’s Pureclean Bidet Seat: An Ideal Solution to Women’s Intimate Hygiene

It is the 21st century and gone are the days when paying the bills and pursuing a successful career were the benchmark to a healthy modern life. Read More

Posted 08/10/2021

Make Your Children Love the Bathroom with Kohler’s Pure clean Bidet Seat

It is the constant love and care of the parents which make one’s childhood safe and memorable. It doesn’t matter whether parents are busy due to work or anything else. Read More

Posted 24/09/2021

Transform your bathroom with kohler’s bold touches

Every dream bathroom must reflect the personality and style of its owner. Traditionally, Bathrooms involved the use of neutral colors, simple accessories and design elements but that concept is passé now. It is the time to be bolder and make your statement in designing the bathroom. Kohler and its new accessories and designs help you to go for unconventional finishes, stylized fixtures and personalised aesthetic. Read More

Posted 18/09/2021

Light up your bathroom with kohler

An unimaginative lighting scheme may make even the most impressive bathroom designs look dull and ordinary. Hence, every dream bathroom is incomplete without proper lighting. It is not only about the brightness of lights but also about their creative placements, consistency and shades. Read More

Posted 18/09/2021

Kohler’s Four Ideas for Your Own Home Spa

Having a well decorated and elegantly designed bathroom can be the key to having one’s own relaxation haven. With Kohler’s four easy tricks, anyone can now turn their home spa dreams into a reality. Read More

Posted 15/09/2021

Create Your Dream Home Bathroom Spa

We all desire to modify our bathroom space into a modern and calming spa, don’t we? Good news is you can create your own relaxation haven with Kohler bathroom décor units and a few easy tricks. Read More

Posted 15/09/2021

Bathroom Decor with a Kohler Mirror

A bathroom mirror elevates and enhances the overall look of the bath space. From minimal oval–shaped mirrors to the classy fuss-free rectangular designs, these are both functional and captivating. Hence, it becomes extremely important to choose a mirror that complements the vibe of your bathroom décor. Read More

Posted 06/09/2021

Endearingly Alluring, Black Bathroom Magic

Black has remained ever sophisticated as it adds depth and incomparable elegance to a room. It accentuates both classic and stately designs. An all-black bath oozes serenity while establishing a unique synergy among the elements embracing the ambiance. Read More

Posted 06/09/2021

White Palettes for a Blissful, Spa-like Ambience

White Palettes evoke a deep sense of rejuvenation so much so that if there is a heaven it would most certainly be white. Nothing feels more therapeutic than taking a shower in your very own bathroom adorned with beautiful shades of white after a busy and hectic day. Read More

Posted 27/08/2021


There’s something almost universally appealing about the simplicity and sophistication of rooms drenched in soft pinks, cool grays, and pale sandy shades. These pale hues create a nearly neutral backdrop—one that you can personalize with color, warm up with wood, or keep unadorned for a tranquil, quiet mood that’s perfect for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Stunning Outdoor Bathroom Ideas by Kohler Africa

Making the most of the space demands imagination and innovation in approach. The bathrooms in the tastefully designed farmhouse or beach villas must be in sync with the same modern style applied to the other spaces. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Let Your Bathroom Speak of Your Personality

Bathrooms are personal spaces where you unwind all your emotions, be it vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, or pride, it’s that one place where you feel the most comfortable and in touch with yourself. Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

A bold addition to your creative collection

At Kohler, we pay attention to detail to every specific element that makes our ranges. Modern design trends are precisely etched into the world of luxurious products we create. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Experience Kohler Clean with Sensate

The kitchen is a space of grace and playfulness. KOHLER Sensate touchless faucet offers freedom, style elegance, and intelligence through responsive technology and voice control. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Material Matters Article Kohler

Materials are an integral part of designing an interior space and choosing the right mix for a bath space can add to the calm and tranquillity of it. Surface textures, finishes, materials and colours bind a space together and play a critical role in the process. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Luxury Unveiled – Kohler’s Veil Freestanding Bath

MaintainingImagine a bride’s veil, delicate and soft, with flowing fabric and curved lines. This is the inspiration behind the Veil freestanding bath from Kohler. Read More

Posted 15/01/2021

Dimensions of Well Being by Kohler

Kohler’s perspective of the year, Dimensions of Wellbeing explores the relationship between our physical environment and wellbeing. At its heart, Dimensions of Wellbeing is a simple idea. It correlates our physical spaces with our overall health and wellbeing. Read More